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Dear Friend,

For over a year now, I have offered my Catholic Apologetics Volume I teachings on this web site for free download. All this time, I have been paying out of my own pocket for the large amounts of bandwidth to make this possible. Each time someone listens or downloads the teachings, I have had to pay for the necessary bandwidth. So in essence, I was paying to give away these free teachings. Unfortunately, I can no longer do this. These teachings are available on CD. You can find them at my Web Store. If there is enough of an interest, I will make them available for download.

Over the last year, nearly 15,000 downloads of my teachings have been done. I am truly honored by that. I hope you understand, and that you will consider purchasing the CDs to support my ministry. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours in Christ,


5 thoughts on “Apologetics Podcasts

  1. CMR

    You got it. These talks were some of the first I ever listened to and helped to motivate me to learn more about my faith. I am now a more engaged, informed, and energetic Catholic. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. SirMe

    There are various free podcasting hosting providers around the country.  Why not just push your podcasts to one of these sites?’re welcome

  3. Ted

    Dear Gus:  I heard you today on spirt fm.  I was a faithful listener when you were a DJ, so was happy to hear your voice.  I am wirting about your salvation commnets.  I am not a catholic, and do not agree with your statements about salvation.  I feel you took philip 2: 12 out of context.  Working out your salvation is santification.  Christ blood that was shed was all it takes for works are necessary and then by your changed life and fruits do you morph into a changed man. Never perfect in this world, old /man vs new man, as Paul struggled.  Paul is our spokensman, and Chirst sent him to the gentiles.  I pray that you will seek out the truth, as i fear many will hear Chirsts words I never new you..As it is a lie from satan to add anything to the salvation thru Grace which is by faith a free gift…without any works by attendof the mass / rosery or confession to a priest who is also a mortal man…Christ is the mediator..not a man.  He is the only ONE who can forgive our sins.

    Thanks for listening.  May God give us all understanding of His word.  In Christ.  

  4. Rmoore0315

    Gus, thank you for your ministry. I would like to support you monetarily. However, I can’t seem to find audio copies on iTunes. Is there a reason you don’t make all of your works available in the iTunes store? Does it cost you too much time and money to have them there?


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